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Some very nice people saying some very nice things about me and my work:

"Branding, illustration, graphic design, data visualization, layout, presentation build-outs, Michael can literally do it all - and he makes it look so easy - even when it's not. His thoughtful and holistic approach to every project he works on makes him a great collaborator, leader, partner, and team member. In asking the right questions, Michael is able to strategically gather not only the creative needs, but the business needs of each project he works on.

While working at an agency with Michael, I was able to see him effortlessly flow and transition between projects, brands, and styles. He was a creative chameleon who could easily adapt to the needs of multiple clients which made him someone that everyone wanted to work with. He was a kind leader and a patient teacher to those around him, always eager to provide gentle guidance. He was instrumental in helping shape the Creative team into a profitable powerhouse in a few short years."


Associate Director of Brand & Creative Services

"I had the great pleasure to work with Michael many times over the years and in many roles. First as designer for a web and branding project, and later as the creative director across many a marketing campaign. No matter the work, it was always a great boon to have Michael on the team. His rare blend of design and marketing expertise made him an invaluable asset to the team. He always knew how to ask the right questions needed to enhance the work, and was willing to collaborate and share his ideas on the approach. As a content strategist, this was my favorite type of design support, as it allowed us to combine our powers and come up with something truly creative and impactful for the client."


Client Innovation Service Lead

"I worked with Michael for over 9 years in the lively, fun, weird, (and sometimes stressful) marketing agency environment. His creativity and skills were unquestionable, but just as important, he was easy to work with, reliable, a great listener, and a true creative partner. I really trusted him 100%. Congrats to those who get to work with him in the future, you've lucked out!"


President & Managing Director

"If you're looking for an art director who can bring some serious edge to your designs, then Michael Croteau is your person! I worked with Michael for several years and he is extremely thoughtful and collaborative and has a true talent for taking clients' needs and turning them into striking and memorable designs. Michael is truly one of those rare talents who doesn't get flustered by tight deadlines. He has an incredible calmness about him and is always open and receptive to feedback, which is a winning combination that allows him to deliver high-quality and artistic work even under pressure - exceeding client expectations."


General Manager & Vice President, Customer Success

"I worked directly with Michael on a variety of projects for 8+ years. In short: He's an absolute pro.

My role was to work with clients on their social media campaigns, content, customer interactions, and efforts. Michael's role was to create, concept, strategize, and adapt to the ever-changing client and program demands. On projects were Michael was involved, project management and strategist requirements were usually minimal, or not required because Michael is great at both. He doesn't simply build creative off a brief. (These briefs and templates are ones he's typically created for the clients, by the way). Michael creates visuals that are on brand, but questions if it's relevant for the audience, if the customer ACTUALLY will get value in an interaction with that piece of content. He's not afraid to push back on clients and project stakeholders when his expertise and direction will benefit the final outcome, and he's also great at coming up with a different approach to accomodate changing priorities and demands.

Personally, every project I've worked on where Michael is the Creative/Art Director, I can rest easy because I know deliverables will be on time (or early), will blow the client's expectations away, and I'll learn how we can make social media creative better and better."


Strategy Director, Social Media

"Michael has so much creativity and brings that creative energy to the office everyday. He inspires others and is fun to collaborate with. I have enjoyed working with him, supervising him, and know that he wonderful addition to any organization."


Director, Brand Management

"Michael has a soft-spoken, thoughtful manner that inspires confidence... he is an excellent problem solver and is very conscientious in all aspects of his work. With Michael's exceptional artistic and creative talent... he would be an asset to any organization."


Academic Counselor

"I've worked with Michael for several years (where he and I both had a variety of roles), but one constant was Michael's unwavering skill level and dependability. As the program manager, I heard on numerous occasions "Can we just put Michael on this project?"... "Does Michael have bandwidth? We need him!" ... He thinks strategically, meets deadlines, holds the team (and himself) accountable, and the cherry on top: he is as pleasant and kind as he is talented. Even in high stress environments, he remains calm. I hope I have an opportunity to work with him in the future. I would recommend him without a milli-second of reservation."


Sr. Program Manager

"It is without exaggeration that I say that Michael taught me how to be a designer. I got my first freelancing gig at an agency working under Michael. I asked a million questions and he answered them all with wisdom and patience. Any time I was stuck with a design problem, Michael could solve it with a quick sketch on a post-it. I learned a lot about quality. I learned about How. and I learned about Why. Michael brings empathy, sound guidance, and excellent creative thinking to everything he does. I'm a better designer and person for having worked with him."


Associate Creative Director

"I can’t say enough what a creative genius Michael is! I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Michael as we were building out the creative team from the ground up. He was one of the first designers hired and earned his multiple promotions. He has a wicked sense of design and his concepting is truly visionary. He can whip out a design with speed when in production mode or bring his art direction to motivate a team. I would hire him again in a heartbeat if an opportunity arises as he is any ECD’s dream."


Executive Creative Director

"After working together for many years on countless projects, I can say without a doubt that Michael is a fantastic designer and colleague. Every content person needs a talented designer to make their work come to life, and Michael is one of the very best.

Michael’s work always shines bright, and he finds solutions for even the most complicated challenges. I never got over the “wow!” effect of seeing his designs, and I know our clients felt the same.

What’s more, Michael is a kind and empathetic person, which makes him an even stronger collaborator and team player. If you have the chance to work with Michael, grab it as fast as you can!"


Sr. Writer & Content Strategist

"I worked with Michael for 5+ years. In every interaction he has:

1) Brought really great solutions to the table.

2) Done what he said he was going to do...and then a little more.

3) Just been a great person to have as part of the team from a cultural standpoint.

I would love to work with him again."


Sr. Manager, Marketing Innovation

"Michael is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a creative project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done beautifully as well as effectively... he always had a 'can do' attitude and a selfless ego when it came to ensuring the needs of the team, the client, and the work."


Associate Vice President
of Communications

"Throughout our work together, Michael was very timely, listened well, and beautifully captured our thoughts onto paper... [the design] was exactly what we wanted and has worked out very well for our program."


Marketing Production Leader

"Michael is one of the most talented designers that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He hired me and quickly taught me so much about quality, storytelling, and craft. People say that you learn by replicating others — that's what I did with Michael. I studied his presentations, borrowed the narratives, and eventually learned how to make them my own. He has the incredible ability to turn ambiguity into magic, creating thoughtful and elegant designs that inspire, demand action, and most importantly, provide brilliant solutions to client problems."


Director, Experience Design

"I've known Michael since 2013 when he joined our growing creative team. When it comes to delivering client work, Michael nails it. Always thoughtful. Always on brand. Always on time.


But it's my experience getting to work with him on internal initiatives that really stands out for me... His dreamy illustration style and whimsical way with words are true gifts. If you ever get the chance to work with Michael, jump on it. He is one of the kindest, sincerest, and most creative people I know. I would not hesitate to work with him again or recommend him for a role that interests him."


Managing Editor, Global Brand

"When I think of Michael Croteau, three words come to mind: 'creative f@#%ing genius.' I've had the pleasure of working alongside Michael at several marketing agencies, and have always been impressed with his broad set of design skills, his capacity to learn/adapt, and the thoughtful creative choices he makes.

In my role as a creative director for a growing account, I have relied on Michael's skills to produce high quality B2B digital assets as well as video. He can roll up his sleeves and crank out an eBook or create custom bespoke campaign designs; whatever the client needs. As an art director, a designer, and a multi-purpose creative, Michael is a valuable addition to any team. Plus, he's an extremely chill human being who is just pleasant to work with. I'm envious of the next team that scoops him up!"


Creative Director

"I was Michael's people lead and prior to that worked alongside Michael as an Art Directo. Michael is one of the most thoughtful and empathetic designers around. I would recommend Michael for any role he sought to work towards. He is an exemplary designer, illustrator, and art director; also, he is an incredible teammate.

His passion for the best of design has driven beautiful campaigns that clients applaud and ogle. Michael is also a leader who is capable of incredible work but also raises the work of those around him. During our time together I have seen him mentor and elevate jr. designers to be better than they thought they could be -- all the while keeping their self-esteem intact. His empathy and listening skills allow him to truly understand the crux of situations and client asks so that he can respond with designs that address client problems in nuanced and sophisticated ways.

You cannot go wrong with having Michael on your team. Again, he is both a magnificent artist and human."


Creative Director & Manager

"A talented illustrator and designer, Michael is a creative powerhouse. And it shows in his ability to translate client needs into unique, out-of-the-box visual communications. Michael is dedicated to his craft and consistently delivers work both compelling and professional."


Marketing Production Leader

"The quality of his designs, his professionalism, and intuition make working with Michael a joy and a success. I will continue to turn to Michael first for the design of our most important materials"


Event Programmer & Librarian

"I have had the opportunity to work with many graphic designers over the last two decades, and Michael Croteau is truly exceptional... he has an ability to design materials that, by their nature, support the messages we aim to communicate."


Assoc. Vice President,
Donor Relations

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